England (Great Britain) P393a 50 Pounds 2010 *Queen Elizabeth II* UNC


  • Obverse: Queen Elizabeth II. Coat of Arms. Bank Building=> Bank of England Building.
  • Reverse: Personaloities=>Matthew Boulton, English Businessman, Mech Engineer & Silversmith. Business Partner of Scottish Inventor, Mech Enginner James Watt. He improved on Thomas Newcomen’s 1712 Newcomen’s Steam Engine with his Watt Steam Engine in 1776. Also as Watt developed the concept of Horse power, the SI unit of Power  was named after james Watt as WATT. Boulton’s Soho Factory. Whitbred Steam Engine.
  • Grade: UNC

The Note being sold is 100% Genuine.

The Serial Number/Signature may differ from the one shown in the image.

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